General Accident Insurance

All Risk Insurance

    General Accident Policy Class


Cover is provided for “All Risks” of loss or damage to the insured property by any accident or misfortune subject to terms, exceptions and conditions of the policy.


Larceny cover is usually provided and items usually considered for cover are valuable portable articles e.g. jewellery, mobile phones, watches, pair of glasses, personal effects etc.


Information required to effect the cover:

To access this cover the insured is required to provide the following:-


  • Inventory list
  • Value of the property(ies)
employee of the company
  • Loss of or damage to safe and strong rooms resulting from theft of money or any attempt thereat up to the amount stated in the schedule as limit of liability for any one loss.

    Information required to effect the cover:

    This cover is predicated on the provision of the under-listed details:


    • Limit of money involved, in each category
    • Limit of money on premises
    • Cash limit in personal custody
    • Limit of liability for loss/damage to safe and strong room
    • Cash limit per carriage

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