General Accident Insurance

Public Liability Policy

    General Accident Policy Class


This policy provides indemnity to the insured against legal liability at law for damages and claimants costs and expenses in respect of:

  1. Death of or injury to any person
  2. Damage to property happening during the period of insurance in connection with the insured’s business
  3. By extension at additional premium the policy can be extended to cover products supplied and or manufactured by the insured


Information required to effect the cover:

The insured is required to provide information on the following:


  • The Naira limit of liability per anyone period of insurance/year
  • The Naira limit of liability any one occurrence within the insurance period
  • Annual turnover


* The “Limit per Occurrence” refers to the maximum insurable sum to cover the occurrence of any class of risk. The sum is an annualized amount for which the cover expires once the limit is attained.

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